A Father's Story

Philip,I want to tell you a story,
And like all good stories,
It starts like this.

Once upon a time,
There was a father,
And in case You can't figure that out,
That's me!

This father had a wonderful little boy,
He was very happy,
Then one day,
He found out his wife was going to have another baby,

So I prayed,
"Lord, if it's your will, Please make her a little girl",

And he did.

I was the first person to hold her in my arms,
I looked at her and  I said
"Lord , Make her like her mother",

And he did.

She was loving and giving , so good and so kind,
But then I realized I was getting left out,
So I said , " Lord , Make her like me",
And he did.

She can drive a truck and a tractor,
She can load hay and chew tobacco,
Do you realize what you're getting?

But at the same time she was a opinionated, emotional and determined,
So I said, " Lord, That's enough of that!  Make her like you!"

And he did.

He gave her the desire to server people ,
She love people ,
She gave her life being a nurse,
She's brought people back from the dead,
And she held the hand of people , who have breathed their last breath ,
He gave her a heart for missions and she's trekked over the world ,
Pushed canoes up swollen rivers,
Laid on the floor as bullets whizzed outside,
So she could tell people about Jesus,

But still something was missing,
So I said to lord ,"Make her happy".

And she met you,

You see that look on her face?
I never saw that until she met you,
And I'm thankful for that ,

Today I'm giving you the best thing I have to give you,
And I just want you to know before I do that ,
How hard me and God has worked to geT her ready !

So Philip , As I give her to you ,
And I don's think you'll mind if I give you one more word of advice,
Me and God have worked hard,

Don't screw it up!

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